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Intro and newby question

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Hi All-quick update!  I took your advice and did not start it up but chose to snatch block the tractor up on the trailer this past weekend.  Worked very well.  This tractor is HUGE!  So much bigger than the 350DU?.  

The tractor came with an old 8volt battery hooked up. Do I need to replace with an 8 or go with a 6 volt?  8 volts seem hard to find.  

Thanks for all the advice!



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Marcus, Good job getting it home.  It must be a 6v system if it has an 8v battery.  That is what some did to overcome other problems like bad cables etc.  I would ditch the 8v.  On my SM-TA which is 400 predecessor I went with Interstate 4X-HD, 6v and it fits in the battery box under the seat.  I think it is considered a group 2.  Make sure it has good big cables, 2/0, and good connections.  I made cables with soldered ends and welding cable.  This is if staying with 6v.  If changing to 12v I guess find something that will fit in the box and make other necessary changes.  Mine starts fine on 6V.

I may have a lead on 300DU parts if you are in need.  This tractor is a row crop but many parts are the same.  Let me know and I'll get you contact info.  Have fun.  I think you have caught the disease.? ?


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additive is recommend but not absolute,also depends how you run it,   

every day for hours good quality from pump

ethanol use every week or drain tank

long term storage   av fuel or drain tank

ac plugs copper wires

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Hi All!

Hoping for your insight again ?.

We are rebuilding the 350DU pump and based on what I’ve seen, it looks like the previous owner may not have put it back together correctly.  This is a photo of how we found the advance timing housing . Can anyone tell me if the “power piston” is on the correct side with the “CC” stamped?

thanks again,





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50 minutes ago, MarcusM said:

Thank you-my apologies as I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to be posting these questions.  

I appreciate it

These types of questions are EXACTLY why this forum exists. Some members have been snarky about answering questions here lately. Keep your questions comeing!

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Marcus:  if you put on a 12 volt coil and add a ballast resister you can run it on 12 volts. It won't charge the battery unless you change the generator or switch to an alternator, but it will start an run just fine.  I have an Oliver 77 I run this way.  Just charge the battery periodically.  Eventually I will change the charging system, but for right now it works fine!  it starts better on 12 as well, and the batteries are less expensive and last longer.  Seems like 6 volt bateries have dropped in quality recently and gotten more expensive than 12's.

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I have a 350UD International Farm tractor with a D-193 Continental diesel engine. Very hard and expensive to find parts. Re-doing the head now I had a crack or two so how to get a different one thousand dollars for the head. $180 for headset. $45 for pushrod. I had to go to Indiana to get it.    If the 350 runs and runs good I’d keep it to plus the 400. Start on the 400 to get that run in first. 
    If you need any places to find parts I got a few that I know of. 
   Good luck. 

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