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Front mount 85 cultivator on a 3488

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186 hydro yes 3488 sorry but no!

Not to say it couldn’t be done but I don’t think it Would looked very pretty if you did make it work!

Would require a lot of modification!!

I have one I run a 986 only mine is in 8 row

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Why do you say it would not work? 


What do you think would need modification?

I get the 3488 frame rails would be a little longer for the forward air flow. Front bolster is metric on 3488 but also on late 186 hydros. 

I don't think it would take much to get it to work. 

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I think the 88 sheet metal would be too close on the sides for clearance, but I have not measured. We have two 85 front mounts and they are a lot closer on a 66-86 than the 56's. Would be quite a job to make it work I think. The whole front mounting would need to be rebuilt to clear the grille as well.

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