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3788 hydraulic problem

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Have looked at this sight for years and learned a lot, I'll see what you all think of this issue.  3788 has  original pfc system, not converted to gear pump. When I bought this tractor the rear frame cover had a chunk broke out where the three point came up too far and the arm inside broke it. The 3 pt seems to go up and down normally, but  when I have something hooked to the auxiliary hydraulics and pull the lever for the remote, nothing happens until the three point raises clear to the top, farther then it should, then the auxiliary hydraulics work normal. I plugged the load sense line that goes from the auxiliary stack back and through the rear cover to the lift cylinder and that stopped the auxiliary hydraulics from affecting the 3 point.  I assume a check valve is not holding? I can't figure out where this check valve would be. thanks for any help.

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