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20 minutes ago, iowaboy1965 said:

Me either other than those in the know dont see the external cylinder? 


1 hour ago, 806Jordy said:

Thanks Iowa thats what I kinda thought, I cant tell from the photo though.

When you look at the front axle the clamps are sloped on the axle knee extensions. This axle was considered the HD 1456 axle if I understand correctly. This axle doesn't have provision for the steering cylinder and has an arm that bolts on where a narrow front would bolt 

I tried to circle the clamp with a white circle pointed out by a purple arrow in the screenshot


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Did the wet bolster front ends steer any better/worse than the standard front ends? I’ve never seen one on a ‘66 series tractor. 

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The wet bolster front ends are the exact same thing the 56's had and function and drive exactly the same. The casting is just made to fit a 66 or 86 series tractor, this was needed if an owner wanted a narrow front end for any reason such as a mounted corn picker. They are not better, just different. There were very few which makes them collectable. If a 66 had a wet bolster, they almost always had the narrow front or where a front wheel assist. If one was ordered with the wet bolster, because maybe they would want a narrow front, but still wanted a wide front, it came with the 1456 style axle. So a 66 with a wet bolster and a 1456 style axle is highly rare, and collectors love rare. Even as a standard front axle it was a good buy in my opinion.

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I'm almost certain I see a tail end of a cylinder sticking out from under the center of the front axle... Unless it's a coincidence and it's something else that's there. 

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