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IH pickup parts


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I need a couple parts for a  1960 IH B110 pickup .  looking for sources...

 Also trying to register with the  OLDIHC forum.  It keep saying, my email address is not accepted(I tried three).

   anyone  know how to solve that,  cannot find a way to reach admin.   Thanks

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I would try this place they might be able to point you in the right direction.


I used to hang on OLDIHC forum was an ok site for trucks a lot of old timers pretty knowledgeable.

There was a big photo collection lot of resto stuff very handy then it got hacked and all was lost 

They rebuilt the site not as good as it was before and sadly all the old the timers have timed out. 

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30 minutes ago, Howard_P said:

I had some business with the owner of the OIdIHC site on another website and found that he has pretty much retired from the website business so it is not likely you will get a response.

That happened on a Polaris ATV/Sled/Watercraft site Polarisfiles.com.

There was 20+ years of posts there you could find pretty much any thing you needed to know about older machines.

The owner retired wouldn't sell the content and the site was taken down.


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