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Concrete or gravel floor in pole building?

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When I built my barn, 40X56, I opted for concrete. It makes it easier for overhead doors to seal down which keeps the varmints out. Mine was built as cold storage in mind with some work from time to time. I currently have no climate controls units or insulation. I do have electric. I also have room for my company van to park inside. I really hate to scrape windows this time of year. I’m probably going to make it my primary shop over the next couple of years or so. 
Good luck with your decision. Mike

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Since you are in SE SD how far from Norfolk Ne are you?  IF you want to stay with a non-concrete floor prep it and put 0-1 slag from Nucor steel in Norfolk down about 6-8" deep. Water and pack it with one of those vibrating plate packers   This sets up VERY nicely and solid  its not concrete but the next best thing

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On 1/1/2021 at 5:46 PM, snoshoe said:

Concrete keeps the woodchucks out.

nah, they just burrow under the concrete from the outside.

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