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If i was making a calendar and asked you for the best picture of your tractor what would you send me?


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1 hour ago, Farmall1066 said:

73 model, 33194 serial number

I guessed '72 because of the square flashers.  My '73 had round ones, and I believe the early '72s had square.

Don't know what my serial number was but Dad bought it new in Sept. '73.

They must have changed sometime during the '73 model year.

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5 minutes ago, Farmall1066 said:

I always thought the 66’s had square flashers?! I had these laying around, now your going to make me have to find round flashers to be correct?! ??????

Well the square ones are correct, they were just early. We put square ones on all of them, they look better in my humble opinion.

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7 hours ago, Dasnake said:

Ok, I gotta ask is there any way this could ever get stuck, I think cars,  bikes and trucks are great lookers, but your unit is a beauty.

This was a great pic that my neighbor took, almost looks staged but completely random.

Yes they get stuck if you don't know when to stop!

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