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Pictures from work this morning.

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About 4 months ago I started a new phase in life. My wife has been sick for a while but still works and we had health insurance through her work but it was pricey 2200 extra a month. I knew the city mayor, the auditor and the council man who is in charge of public works. They talked me into filling a vacant water operator position. The plant supervisor just took over 3 years ago but chased all the help out. He is ready to retire in a couple years so they talked me into getting licensed when I can about the same time as his retirement. Just to have somebody around. It is my weekend to run plant so I snapped a few pictures first are the clarifier solid contact basin, the lime slakers, the co2 recarb tank is under floor then the rapid sand filters. Pictures of the actuators and valves that run the process. And the backwash or filter cleaning pumps and motors. The silver tank with cover on front is intake of raw water it gets aereated in that tank to remove smell and certain gases. The iPad control and computer screen that runs the process.




















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15 minutes ago, NY1468 said:

That’s impressive, water must not be that great going into the plant?

Water is from wells about 10 miles out , it is actually pretty clear but high in hardness calcium and magnesium so we lime soften that raises ph and then we have to lower it with co2 after settling before filters.

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12 minutes ago, junkandcattle said:

So you are the guy that is supposed to make it taste good or like wine?

Supposed to make sure it’s clear odor free and drinkable. We supply a rural water association and our town. Right now we are running one side of plant 11 hour days. About 600 gpm they are around 350,000 gals a day. But in Summer time in June July aug it ramps up both sides 1100 gpm and around a million a day. We can only store 1.5 million gals so plant usually runs every day but in dead of winter we will skip sundays and holidays.

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1 hour ago, TP from Central PA said:

You still farming any Dale?  Or with the family issues decided enough was enough?  

Going to farm a little bit. Dads in the home now mom is living in house on farm but 80 years old with extreme health problems. They were suing to get irrevocable trust thrown out but their lawyer cancelled law suit the other day. So we are getting out of big time farming for a bit. We were renting a bunch of high priced land so my buddy and his son took it over.  Sold most of the equipment in nov. stock cows are selling tomorrow we will keep calves until March. A buddy who took the land  is feeding cows and calves for us. We have some pasture and hay land rented for next year plus a little crop land. I just needed health insurance and good ins. The city here offers a ND state ins plan. Plus they pay unpaid portion of bill if you are hospitalized for more than a day. I pay 430 a month for wife and kids now. My wife has blue cross blue shield at her work so she kept herself and the 2 really medical needed sons on her plan. It costs 700 more. But we have the 3 sick ones double insured now. Costs 1100 instead of 2200. Cows were getting old but we kept a handful and next year or so going to build a fancy herd to carry me into retirement. Got rid lots of machinery but now I am going to buy just Ihc tractors, when I am 80 I want the O6 line, 56 and early 86s..  the bank will hopefully like us and Uncle Sam will want some money out of it.

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Just now, 2+2love said:

Do you add fluoride and chlorine?

Yes fluoride and chlorine every municipal supply needs a disinfectant . We add a coagulant polymer to settle the impurities. Then a polyphospate to coat the lead the pipes. Fluoride occurs naturally in our water and we add a small amount to be in compliance. 

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Very interesting.  Our rentals our serviced by township wells.  They have had their share of boil advisories and a few days throughout the year where they missed either recording or checking the chlorine level.  They seem to be issue free lately although the annual water quality report will be in our mailbox soon enough.

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26 minutes ago, Farmall1066 said:

I thought I recognized the equipment from back in November on Steffes site.  Congratulations on your new venture Dale, I hope all works out for you, and keep your wife and kids healthy!!! 

All the tractors ended up in mn and Wisconsin. A couple pieces went to Mexico. We kept a 1256, 1586 and 1066, plus some other stuff a truck, 8820 combine. The Steffes internet sales a quick and easy reach a big area.

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Hope it works out Dale. Sometimes you do what you gotta do. It's not bad running less acres, lets you do a better job with what you have rather than run yourself ragged to get it all done. Especially when the weather goes bad, . 

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