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This forum privately owned, similar to Facebook. The owners have the right to moderate it as they wish.

I am happy they moderate the postings. 

I do wish they had a classified section. I would pay to list items.

They pay for the site and provide us a free site to discuss ih topics. Thank You!


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My feel, other boards don't have grey, B&W then poof YOU banned or suspended, reason why, name calling, you don't agree with me so your an a**hole, then it gets all involved in a scream match.

Ive seen a lot of discussion here kept on a coffeeshop manner, I'm darned certain if ih or kw or lorenzo or anyone else was talking with me at starbucks and if they called me out or i called them out in a swear fest that just would'nt happen, but because the majority of trolling is anonymous the other boards shut it down, hence B&W, here, a little more my side, your side conversation.

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