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Your farms tractors and combines past and present

farmer john 8910

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8 hours ago, 856 Custom said:

Dad's been gone since January of '99 and I'll do what I have had since then. I'll just list the ones that spent some time here doing things for a number of years. 

Deere 8760, April of '99 - March '15

1586, 1997-2001

656 gasser, 1999-2015

1486, 1996-2018

Allis 185, 2006-present

7220, 2006-2017

8940, 2001-present

8920, 2018-present

340 Magnum, 2014-present

Farmall 140a, 2016-present

Hydro 100, 2013-present

Hydro 70, 2015-present

Hydro 70, 2019-present

3588, 2013-present

3688, 2005-2015


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My grandfather’s farm was sold in 42’ his father died suddenly, 2 weeks later he got his draft notice. They had to sell and quickly. Was 100 of the nicest acres in town. I always have wondered of there was a tractor there. Cant ask now. Hos fsther was a butcher and had a ford AA truck that he hauled meat/critters to butcher in.

oldest one i know of in my wifes family farm is a TO30 .. still there 

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Too many to list but on my homeplace we started with an oliver 77 then moved on to a '47M. Still have it. Heavy tillage and snowblowing/animal feeding is done with a 966 with a 1066 turbo. Our last combine was a massey. Cant remember tge model but i believe it started with a 5. Gasser and always ran hot on oats. Grandpa would open the engine door and run it that way. Then it was fine.

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The first tractors that i can remember are Granpa's H ,which we still have,A 350 Farmall that dad traded on the 856 which we still have and a gas narrow front 560 that was sold in the early 90's.  i have a few collector tractors an MD a 460,another 560 a farmall regular and a 1206 that needs paint.                                 We no till most everything so my farming fleet is limited we have a 1586 with loader for feeding a 5488 that runs the baler now the 856 runs the haybine  the 7240 MFWD for any tillage and a 8930 for planting.

As far as combines dad ran a M2H picker on the 560 and we had an AC 66 all crop for wheat . In the late 70's he bought a 525 oliver with a 2 row corn head and a 11' platform which was twice as wide as the AC. Later he bought a 535 Oliver,it was a lemon so in 89 i bought a 715 diesel, then a 6600 Deere, a 9500 deere, a 9650 STS Deere and am looking at an S660 Deere now.    We went to the Deere combines because we lost all of our local IH dealers.

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Paternal Great grandfather, Winfield Wade:  Grandpa never talked much about him, except he went broke farming during the depression.   I have a photograph of him on a new 2N Ford on steel.  The only new tractor he ever owned.

Maternal Great Grandfather (on Dad's side), Henry PJ Frahm: Traded a team of horses for a Farmall Regular. Later had an F-20, H, M.  Have a picture of him on a Farmall M and 2M picker.

Grandfather Robert Wade:  H, M, 400, 706, CC Case (only used on silage blower) Ford 8N, Jubilee, 871 select o speed.

Father Larry Wade: 706, 856 Custom(sold).

Myself: 856 w' factory diamond cab, 1466 w' red deluxe cab(sold), Super M, 1206, 1486, 656 hydro w' WL-21 loader, Super C w' woods mower. I have many more that help out on the farm, but these are the main workers with dedicated jobs.

Dad and Grandpa farmed with 2M, 2ME, 234 pickers. Massey Harris Clipper combine, went to IH 80, 303, 615, 815, 915, 1460.

Grandpa Vernon Gorsh (mom's father): F20, M w' 33 loader, 450, Ford Jubilee.

He sold 450 to Mom's sister and Uncle Greg.  Uncle Greg had several IH tractors he farmed with (that I now own).  H, Super M, 450 (Grandpa's), 1066 w' white deluxe cab and an 82 combine.

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I will start at  just before the partnership with a list of both. SA,H,SH, M, 230,240,300,404,504,574,(4) 400 gas and diesel (2) 450,(2) 460,(6) 560,686 German, 706(282),766, 3688,1466 for the partnership 11 tractors at one time. Combines is we started with a IH 64 went to a Uni System 710 and IH 315 at the short time later. G Gleaner came when the 710 broke. Bought a Uni 717, far superior to the previous ones. Brother bought a New Holland TR70 first and then two 8?and maybe a 9? series as I was leaving the operation( he had three along the way), He now has a JD95?? Brother is on the Over Century farm yet and has the JD combine and most of the later tractors dad bought new. 230,240,460, 766 and the 3688 now turboed. He also has a 1586.We had a  chopper and picker  also for the uni. 686  was the lemon of the bunch and cracked the 400 D head twice.

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Between Dad and brothers we have too many tractors 

White 120, 80 American, White 6410, Oliver 1655, S77 (grandad bought new we found in a fence row and restored) Agco ST34A, 5488 (parts tractor) 5088, 1066 Magnum, MX135, 5130, DX55, MF135 Ford 2120

9400 combine

Gone but not forgotten....White Iseki 2-75, MF265, MF165, MF1155, White 6810, Oliver 1755 & 1655 both Cummins powered, 1265, 77, Ford 1720 

(2) JD 6620's & a 4400

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From before my time on the place:

930 Case: I ran it some many years ago before a rod made a hole in the side of the block, still sitting in the weeds

John Deere 70 diesel: still here, needs a flywheel, would kind of like to get it going again someday, though I have considered selling or trading it

Farmall H: I’ve used this one a fair bit, just ordered a head gasket set for it, should be my rake tractor this summer


My stuff:

Farmall M: My first tractor, been parked a few years need to pull the old cable farmhand off and get it back to being useful again.

856: This has been my workhorse go to tractor for most of the last 10 years.

86 Hydro: My current loader tractor, also works great on the rototiller, square baler, etc. 

5088: I just added this one this year, a HUGE upgrade from the 856, my new main tractor

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a pair of horses and a wore out home built tractor made with car parts. M ,still have never sell, H ,300 u,560,706 one summer,jd 730 2 years,1456 got it back, moline 705 ,5020,786 stays with the M, 1086 ,6788 keeper,856 hi clear,my sprayer tractor,856 std,1256 std., while looking for the 1456,1486 and a 4100 . Pumpkin part: SA,BM,100,2 130's, 4 140's,H wide crop. plus the collection tractors.  Plus many more bought and sold for cash . Combines: 52,76, pull type for the young crowed here,91,403,403,715,815,915,1480,1688 current and mostly the last one. ,,,,,,,,,,,but you never know?

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On my Mothers side, Grampa survived WWI and worked at the local Ford dealership as a mechanic. He somehow acquired a few Model T chassis and converted to tractors with the Sears & Roebuck kit.  Replaced the horses with them. Later acquired a Fordson Tractor on steel. and Finally a 1936JD AO that was traded in at the Ford Dealer. I have that Tractor  restored. Miserable thing to try and use. Glad I have it but mostly only run for family gatherings. Grandkids think it sounds cool. After he retired he acquired the International 350 Utility from My Fathers estate sale. I have that Tractor too. When I was a young teen My grampa was still pulling a Reaper / Binder with the 350 U. Live PTO and all that. He threshed with a Big old Case Thresher being run by a very long flat belt connected to the JD AO. Never forget the experiences at Grampas that my sibs and cousins and I experienced during this time.  My dad was Killed on our farm earlier and My uncles were away in South east Asia courtesy of Uncle Sam. So it was a very old Grampa and a bunch of kids making it go. on that farm. Late 60s and early 70's.

Dads Family: I'm forth generation on the last of the family farms. My grampa and brother bought up several small subsistence farms to form the one I live on now. Also, Extended Family had other larger farms in the area. But no kids. My granddfather and his 1 son ( my Dad) bought the largest one. One farm, attached to Mine, had a separate Very large house and Barn. Grampa let people live in it during Depression and WWII. They worked on his farm and Were allowed to Grow gardens etc to feed their families. These farms survived the depression by being able to pay taxes from Income from Gas wells on the property.  I find connections to living people that Lived in that house as kids. Tell me how Grampa and Gramma Saved their families lives by letting them live there. 

They had many horses and Mules. Over 500 acres of Apples and Potatoes but also small Dairy and Beef.  I know they had a F-20 and later F-30 with Rubber tires. This was bought to travel on road between farms. 8 miles. 

In the  late 40's 50's my Dad came of age and in partnership with Grampa. Removed old apple trees. stopped growing potatoes. They converted Big barns to house chicken Layers. and by age 35 they had 10000 Layers. 300 plus Beef( Registered Angus and Registered Hereford) , Separate herds and a 100 hogs + or -.  Grampa retired and Died in 1960 ( horrible winter) I was born. 1 of 7 kids.  Dad progressed to several Farmall H's and a few M's and his last tractor was the 350 Utility  with loader to clean out the chicken manure. 

 He was very progressive and won awards for development.  He sold Eggs and dressed birds to Grocery stores and butcher shops all over Western PA.  Beef went on a truck to market. Pigs as well.  Plus we operated a large Farm Market as we lived along a main road in the area. He was killed with my oldest brother  when they were hit by a train near my farm. They were in a 1947 KB-5 with a lime spreader body on it.  He was 35. My brother was 12 that day, His birthday.   My dad had 18 full time employees at that time. My mother with a bunch of kids couldn't manage without him. so after 3 yrs there was a sale. But all property stayed in the family. 

 I grew up working for neighbor dairy farmer who rented our place. Lived through updates from 2 farmall h's to M's to 350, 806 and 656 clear up through 1066 and 1086. When I got a real job and Wife. 

They are a Big time operation today. 

Currently: I have an 806 -My big horse. and 884. Main use tractor. Dads 350 Utility, 330 Utility came with the farm( Uncles) and Grampas JD AO.  

I have had qty 4 Farmall 400's  a Farmall 350, 2 Famall M's  and 2 International 606's all have been sold as I updated.  I owned and used #80 combine and an #82 Combine. I think the 80 was a better machine but the 82 had a scour clean unit that was amazing. I harvested timothy seed  with that one year.  I had a #715 combine for awhile. Worked great on Oats. It died when I plugged it with Buckwheat.   

 Getting ready to retire if 401K survives Biden / Harris... Raise Beef and pigs and Hay, some small grains. All sold locally to Family and Friends. 


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Long before my time for most of this, Great Grandad had a Regular on steel and if memory serves correctly a BF Avery thrashing machine. Traded the Regular, two mules and a sulky-rake for an F-20 in 1937 which I have, but hasn't moved under it's own power since the 60's. None of us out of the generations following Great-Grandad ever farmed full time.

Grandad started with a WC Allis after WW2, ran it a few years and got an LP M and a "Cyclone" B John Deere. LP M is still around but the JD B didn't suit him and went down the road when he got a 460 sometime in the mid 60's. He went "BIG TIME" in '68 or '69 and got the 806 (still have it) from a bank sale, and always swore those were the best machines IH ever built. Grandad picked up a 1066 sometime in the mid or late 70's (again still before my time) - had the long axles and duals, red cab. 460 & 1066 long gone, used to know where the 10 ended up but that changed several years back. For combines, he drug a little AC All Crop around until he could afford better, ran an IH 403 before that turned into a John Deere 95 and later a Gleaner F2. I ran both the 95 & the Gleaner, but it's been many years since any grains were grown on the place that were actually thrashed and not cut and rolled for hay. All the combines are long gone. Gleaner got sold, the 95 7 the AC

Dad had a 966 when I was small when he struck out on his own leasing a large pasture and running 60 to 100 mama cows, but gave that up in the early 90's and sold the 966. It just went down the road to the neighbors, but they beat the thing to a pulp....

In 2008 or so I got out of the "hot rod" scene and bought a 1256 with dad. In 2010 or 2011 we bought a JD 4440. In 2015 I bought a new Mahindra MFWD with cab and loader. Various other pieces of equipment have come and gone, dad and I have improved on most of the implements and such. We just run anywhere from 10 to 30 mama cows at a time now, I work full time and dad's retired, it's about all we want to do these days.  

I know people like pics, but seems my family never ever took pictures of anything, and we aren't much better about it now.

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During my lifetime these tractors have been on my farm. I've driven all of them except the super C but I got to ride on it!

Dad bought Super C, 560, 856, 706, 1066 diamond cab, 1066 2 post. He traded the super C for the 560 and 560 for the 706. The others are still here.

I bought 1486, 4366, 1086, hydro 186, 1456, 886, 826, 5488 2wd, 1486, 886. I also bought an 806, 1026 and 1486 for parts. The 1456 was traded for the 5488. 

The 826 was a gold demonstrator a neighbor bought new but had repainted red before taking delivery. The dash is still black.

All are still here except for the super C, 560 and 1456 are still on the farm but most needing some repair...

I have too many tractors and need to sell some!

Dad bought a 715 then a 915 combine. I bought a 1460 and 1480. The 715 and 915 no longer run. I also bought a 1460 and 815 from a neighbor for parts. 



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tractors ive had, 

1066, 1466 2-1086 986 1586

case ih 1494 485 2-7250s magnum 275 mx 240 mx170 puma 185

deere 2-4630s 2950 4030 2555 4255 4560 3255 3020 2-7830s 4650 7800 100f 2155

massey 2-451s 231s 5455 2-1105s 1155 4263 3545

ford 9700 8600 5000 tw-35 4600 8n

allis 7020 8070

challenger 655

cotton pickers ih 784 2-1822 2055 2555 deere 99 299 699 9900 9960 9965 9986

combines tr-85 715 1660 m3 2388

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