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OK well since no one has mentioned it yet


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I was happy to hear it mentioned on the radio this morning. It seems as years go by it fades away. I have a hunch that if you asked AOC or any of the rest of the "squad" what the significance of December 7th is you'd get a blank stare.

I've been to the Arizona Memorial many times as there was a time we'd crew change there. Now we mostly overfly it. Anyway, I find it hard to keep dry eyes. I wish that the present generation had a tiny bit of the courage of that generation.

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I think I posted a link to the first part of this series some time back.  Here's part two.



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Meanwhile, on Wake Island, almost 2500 miles west of Pearl, this was going on:


Before the threat of war in the Pacific and the outbreak of World War II, Wake Island was a stopping off point for vacationers aboard Pan American flights to and from the Orient. Bird watching, sports fishing, and swimming were the principal activities on the ten-mile-long island.

Situated roughly halfway between Hawaii and Japan and under the control of the USA, the atoll became a strategic dot in the vast Pacific Ocean. Early in 1941, almost frantic work was underway to complete an airstrip with defensive fortifications.

About 1150 civilian construction workers joined 450 Marines, a few Navy men, and a five-man Army radio section in the effort to establish a base of operations close enough to Japan for American bombers to strike the Japanese-controlled Marshall Islands should such action be necessary.

Across the International Date Line, December 7, 1941, dawned in Hawaii. An Army radioman caught the broadcast at 7:00 a.m. December 8 at Wake Island. “Hickam Fields has been attacked by Jap dive bombers. This is the real thing.”

The personnel on Wake knew a war was looming, having installed five-inch anti-aircraft guns and stockpiled ammunition. Twelve Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat fighters were standing by with Marine pilots at the ready. Within minutes after the radio message, the American flag was raised, as it was every day. But this day the bugle call of “General Quarters” gave men pause. They stopped all activity, stood at attention, and saluted the flag.

Then a sound caused the construction crews to run for cover and the Marines to head toward the guns. The deafening drone of thirty-six Japanese Mitsubishi G3M2 Nell bombers flying over Wake in strict formation assaulted their ears.

The fragmentation bombs and machine gun fire spewing from the aircraft ripped and tore at the tiny island. Pearl Harbor and Wake Island were being attacked almost simultaneously. Where the Pearl attack ended after a few hours, for several days the Japanese bombarded Wake from the air.

It's so easy to forget the ones caught up in the "small", lesser known battles.


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Blessed be those who sacrificed to rid the world of tyranny. Most of us can only aspire to be half the men (and women) those who served and sacrificed were.

 The sad part is we have now let it take hold right here at home. 

Long Live our Republic.

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My Dad and 2 uncles were in WW2. Dad and Bud in Navy, Uncle Al in Army. He and Mom had me really late, 1973! 48 (Dad) and 40 (Mom). I was one of the few kids in school who had a Dad in WW2.  He was a great man and the toughest person I've ever met.  Nothing fazed him or Ma. That truly was the Greatest Generation.  While if asked,  he talked about it, but he never bragged about the war or asked for anything.  He never took charity and always gave whatever he could to those less fortunate.  God bless you,  Greatest Generation.  We owe you a debt we cannot repay. 

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in 1984 I was working at a GE Factory. Shortly after i started there we had a gentleman retire and they had a party. This was in South Carolina and it seemed like Everybody i worked with had a Bass Boat and stories to tell. 

I asked the retiring gentleman what his plans were? Get a bass boat and relax? 

He calmly stated that He swam through and away from a submerged navy ship at Pearl Harbor once and has no plans to ever get on a boat of any type again. 

You have to respect that. 

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