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A few photos


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Figured I'd put up some photos from the year of our two bit operation

Cut and sold a load of ash logs in February. Probably would've gotten more cutting them into firewood and selling them that way. Pulled it to the steep hill out of the woods. Had to buck it to get it out. Scaled about 250 board feet in that log



March was dry and warm beginning of April was nice. Feeding good third cutting haylage out of one end and corn silage from the other


How I haul sawdust. Lucky to have two mills close by


Had more snow in April than March. April 17th


Started grazing May 4th. Earliest since 2017


Always looks nice with new shares



Snow on May 8th. May was cold and dry. Hurt first cutting yeilds a bit


Twins born and raised together. Sperated for seven months because one got bred before the other. First day back together, didn't take long to team up again



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Great shots of a diversified operation. Thanks!

On 12/4/2020 at 7:07 PM, Dasnake said:

The cows knew each other after 7 months? Never would have thought that.

Cows buddy up for life. Lot of times heifers tagged in the chute say 401, 402, 403 etc will come through in that order the rest of their lives. (If there are not pushed to hard in the alley way)

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Thanks gentleman for the comments. I do the best I can with what I have to take care of the cows. 

I also think cows also know their offspring even though the calves are raised separately till they join the milking herd

Yeah that really small coulter came off of the plow this one replaced. It's seen a few acres good for a few more or till a bearing goes

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4 hours ago, cobfly said:

Beef Lives Matter!

Dairy Lives Matter

This is where the real certified black Angus beef comes from ?

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On 12/4/2020 at 10:18 PM, jimw said:

Maybe a good picture of your little front wheel assist, is it a 574? Looks small on the spreader

It is a 574. That's always been it's main job might look small but it'll drag that spreader all over  usually overloaded at that. I'll see if I have any better photos 

At 13K hrs it needs a engine overhaul but the front end is still in good shape the driveshaft is getting worn though. But I have seen some 84 series with the same front end

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Mother nature finally let us get some ground seeded back to hay this year. I wish I had gotten more pictures especially the 400 hooked to the 510 drill. But it was a busy week. Averaged about three acres a day discing, spreading fertilizer, cultipack, seed, pack and pick rocks. Of course we went from needing winter clothes to mid to upper 80's 


Theme of the year. Rain in every direction but us. Which was okay most of the time



Not sure why there is a wet spot here or anything



Took the remote valves off the dead 1066 had them rebuilt and put them on the 856 to make it a dual remote tractor so we can mow hay with it. Was a surprisingly quick job 



Best cover crop that we never planted. Corn in 2018 let it lay fallow 2019. Should've cut or grazed it but plowed it under instead. Lots of good organic matter


Put up some haylage from summer feed....had a heck of a time. Anything that could go wrong it did. Took a couple days. Was plowing and getting ready to plant corn at the same time




I don't remember this field ever being in corn till this year. Didn't want to work up well



Some bred heifers



Usually a little duck/goose pond in that spot. Almost buried it last year. Not so much this year


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Planted all but about five acres of our corn with the 400IMG_20200608_163213102_HDR.thumb.jpg.e908852bfefe2ad601ecac9d9a8f340a.jpg

Did use the 856 for this one fieldIMG_20200609_151830011.thumb.jpg.736f2a151142075d9c0848257ea9a477.jpgIMG_20200609_172433609_HDR.thumb.jpg.4f30ce6a88e9c0f37b624417cc16d7ec.jpgIMG_20200607_203910010_HDR.thumb.jpg.b54044468882c3e7880ec80517b00439.jpg

Was a misunderstanding not on our part over the one piece of ground we rent. Plowing it June 11th good gravel ground could've plowed in April. Plowed surprisingly easy for as dry as it was. Did use a gear or two slower


Mowed hay for dry hay the following day. Wasn't able to make any dry hay in 2019 till mid July because it rained so much. It's much nicer making early June first cutting to bale than chopping and bagging




Upgraded baler. It was time and couldn't beat the deal


A load of squares


Hay dry enough to put away as it was being baled. One baling, I was loading and hauling and had two hired help putting them away. Roll them in the haymow and tip them on end by hand since the floor can't support the skid loader. Worked good doesn't happen often we can do all that at once


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Those two Ayrshire have that ?we’ll tear that milking parlor to shreds  and you to if you try and get us  into that stantion?

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More recent photo. The gentleman who traps on our property finally harvested a coyote. A good sized female. He also caught and released two red fox earlier this season although it might have been the same oneIMG_20210110_094033954.thumb.jpg.a3d025027dc46539ae170ef3f8f919fc.jpg

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On 12/19/2020 at 7:00 AM, 560Dennis said:

Those two Ayrshire have that ?we’ll tear that milking parlor to shreds  and you to if you try and get us  into that stantion?

They have calmed down some from their younger years lol

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