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6 spoke dayton type wheels rims

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what is the correct name for this type of wheels/rims ? please 
and would anyone happen to know the brand name? 
i am looking for details and if possible drawings of the same 
thank you 

xm524e2 trailer fruehauf  (12).jpg

xm524e2 trailer fruehauf  (13).jpg

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Dayton is the generic name. I don't know if there is another company that made them but if there was Dayton manufactured majority of them. The rims are split ring rims, not to be confused with the split rim (widow maker). 

They had four plants in the Dayton Ohio area that cast the wheels and machined them. There was a plant in Portsmouth Ohio that cast brake drums. They also had a plant in Canada but I can't remember the town. I drove inner plant in Dayton for them from '72 through '76. EPA and Budd type wheels put them out of business. Best job I ever had.

Side note. There were never any nice new cars in the parking lot everybody drove beaters. After about a year your car had a matte finish from the discharge from the foundry stacks.

Probably more than you wanted to know.

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Dayton was a brand that made cast spoke wheels. They were purchased by Meritor and Meritor killed the brand, why. is a mystery. Gunite is also a brand still in business and still making cast spoke wheels. I had a Ford LTL 9000 truck that I needed a replacement wheel and all dealers said the truck came with Dayton wheels and NLA. I found a lady parts person at a different dealer and she spent some time looking and got me a Gunite wheel in a few days. Gunite supplies or at least did, supply for Navistar. Sure they make trailer wheels too.


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12 hours ago, DWF said:

They were purchased by Meritor and Meritor killed the brand, why. is a mystery.

Did not know that. I was gone from there long before the buy out. That is cool about this forum, learn something new everyday.

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I bought some wheels like that a few years ago for a lowboy trailer. It had 15” wheels on it but I changed it over to 17.5” and they weren’t split ring so they didn’t need flaps or tubes. I got them from Southwest Wheel in Dallas, TX. I think they have 22.5 and 24.5’s as well

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