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My Austin Western grader


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I just became the owner of a Austin Western a search reveals it’s a 1947 99H grader.  The grader was on the property of a family member. They wanted it gone.  I have 94 acres and a great place for yard art.  I went to where it has been sitting for some years. Came prepared and I found that it would start, the hydraulics all work, and the drive system works.

This afternoon I took pix of the serial number plate on the grader frame and the engine information plate on the engine.

The grader is serial number is H538

The engine is a 653140 101, Serial Number 27040

I'm thinking of doing some restoration and using it here on the home place.

But this post is an effort to find information on the motor, how it works with the gasoline start and shift to diesel.  Having spent 35 years as a Mechanical Engineer in powerplants, and having rebuilt the powertrain from Model T to Harley Davidsons and now to Polaris Side-by-Side machines, oh and a 1930 Caterpillar D2 dozer.

I'm very interested in the internals of the engine, drawings, cut away drawings, information on starting on gas, shifting to diesel. As much as I can find.

Am I correct that the gasoline side of the engine has no throttle control, it simply allows the engine to idle and warm up before shifting to diesel, at which point the throttle lever becomes active?

Any one able to help me in my quest?





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Welcome Pirate!  You are off to a great start with photos in your first post. 

This thread is in the “General IH” board. The Construction board is down a bit further on the home page.  If you click on the “Red Power Magazine” logo above and scroll down you can’t miss it  




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Yes, when you start on gas there is no throttle control. You have to move the choke lever a little to vary the engine speed as the engine warms a little before switching to diesel. Is it a four or 6 cylinder engine? A four would probably be a UD-14 and a six probably a UD-16  probably 502.5 cubic inch.


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Mine has a four cylinder engine.

Sitting in the grader, behind my left elbow, coming through the back of the cab is a choke knob pulled out to choke and push in to run. Where was the original located?


Life is meant to be a learning experience throughout...I have entered into another learning experience!!!

Here are a few pics of the controls, and where it was and where it is now.







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