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Farmall C camshaft gear replacement


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A couple months ago I posted so question with a hydraulic problem on my farmall c. It turns out the the nut had come off the end of shaft on the hydraulic pump. The nut apparently for wedge d somewhere and striped half of each tooth of the camshaft gear off. There was enough tooth left to grab the crankgear but not enough to heal the gear on the hydraulic pump, which caused the hydraulics to quit working. So I needed to change the camshaft gear. I thought I would share some photos from the project.

After pulling the tractor in the garage the first job was building some spliting stands.





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Once splitting stands were built we split the front pedistal and radiator from the engine. My redneck engineering on the splitting stands worked great. 

We then had to take everything off to get to the timing cover. Once the timing cover was off pulling the camshaft gear itself was pretty easy.






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With the old camshaft gear was a mess. But once it was off we pounded to new one on and started reassembleing. Putting everything back together was pretty smooth except for getting the hoses that connect to radiator to the block on right and not leaking. I also was rushing and need not put the two o rings on the new hydraulic pump where it connects to the lines from the touch control so it leaked at first. Once i saw the o rings sitting on the bench and put them on it worked fine. The last pick is my so taking it for a test drive.

I hope you guys enjoy the pics. This is the biggest project i have tackled yet on one of these tractors and my son and i had a ton of fun doing it. I probably would not have even tried to do the job without the advice i received when i first posted about the issues i was having. Thanks.












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Give the baby a good crankcase cleaning and new oil filter , often. 

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