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Just dragged this home. Will need a lot of work. At least the engine is loose, but was dismayed when they tilted it loading and water ran out of one of the rear axles. I will have to get everything drained but likely that will let things rust. The rear hitch was unexpected. Tires are weather checked and round. Got rid of the roll bar to get it inside. Usually don't see a front pump only-might not stay that way. I am beginning to think I should take it apart first and see what needs to be done I know the clutch isn't right and the front end rear support needs help. Probably should get the top of the trans off to see how rusty. They said it was inside for years, If you believe that I got some swamp land to sell you. The only problem is my C2500 trans started to slip when backing in the drive, that may have to come first.

300 right.jpg


300 rear.jpg

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Exhaust was up right for a long time, long enough that the bolt heads on the elbow are almost rounded off with rust. This tractor is a jig saw puzzle. I took the rest of the sheet metal off the engine and found extra resistors and condensers and a rats nest of wiring. Took the carb off because the fuel line was cut and it looked like mud daubers were at work. Did not find a venturi even though the recess is for it. Dirt and grime through most of the passageways.  Did they not put a venturi in some models?  Or do I need to find one. I was going to see if it runs before I dig too deep. I did get three or four gallons of water out of the trans before it freezes up. I did find some hytran in each of the three compartments. More as I dig.

300 carb.jpg

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