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How Many Of You In Peanut Country Had Even Heard Of This Machine?

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3 hours ago, Art From Coleman said:

The owner of Clark Implement, in De Leon TX, before he passed away, told me that he had sold two.


NO, the picture is NOT ruined by it being John Deere, but because of the guy wearing shorts.




If I lived in peanut country I'd be wearing shorts, and probably no shirt. I don't know how humans endure that kind of weather! Of course, that is why I live in snow country!

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I know where two different ones are sitting. I used to know of two more but, I think they got scrapped. I’ve never seen one running. The guy in the article usually takes that one to the Georgia National Fair in Perry every year. I’ve seen it there but, have never met the guy.

 I posted pics of the scrapped ones on YTMag in the combines and harvesters forum. I haven’t tried to look, I suspect the deal with photobucket has long since killed those pics.


Yep, went and looked. 


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15 hours ago, sandhiller said:

Is that Billy Carter?😄

No, he don't have a Billy Beer in his hand?

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