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Pull start a Eaton 9 speed


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If you can get it aired up and into the High Side of the transmission it will be easier to pull.

Have you checked all of your connections to make sure that they are all good, tight, and clean?

Is the clutch disengaging completely?  Are you in neutral?

 I am not trying to be a Smart Alec, but you might be happy to find that you had inadvertently overlooked something simple!

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1 hour ago, jimw said:

Dumb question, but can u pull start a Eaton 9 speed? The old transtar seems like the the starter is using a lot of juice. Will pick up some different cables tomorrow. The positive is getting warm to touch and the motor barely turns over.

Give it a pull in gear before you release any brakes. More than likely one wheel will turn it is enough to spin motor and hopefully go. We used to pull the old ford with a kitty Kat a few feet she was running.

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