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USA made winter cap

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1 hour ago, sandhiller said:

Feeling responsible for your bad experience

Honestly don't know if it covers my ears all the way or not

Just know if it's too cold for my black felt I will pull out the Kromer with flaps down and it keeps my whole head warm including ears.

Guess just because I am happy with something don't mean everyone else will be too.

Not your fault at all. I probably shouldve ordered a larger size. I just hope the next one fits better. Hard to buy stuff online. C'ya!

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In the USA

Thanks Sandhiller. I ordered one from here https://www.stormykromer.com/our-story/

I like the looks of the waxed one also.  Haven’t ordered anything but I may consider it. 

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On 11/10/2020 at 10:52 PM, stronger800 said:

Where are my Carhartt brown duck ear flap hats made? I love them.  I think they give me super powers.   Hat is tough, so I think it’s a Hard Hat, tree branches bounce right off.  The ear flaps....virtually Earmuffs right there (add in that I whistle and sing to myself a lot, so they are virtually XM satellite radio earmuffs). Visor is a regular hat sized visor, but it’s tough, not one of those ones you fold up in an overstated but inverted U shape, so that being said, if I tilt my head down a bit, boom...Safety Visor/safety glasses,sunglasses all in one.   

Nobody else has one?  


I can’t read the label anymore. Had it for at least 10 years, it’s showing some wear and..........experience. Had maybe ought to think about getting a new one

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5 minutes ago, stronger800 said:

I wouldn’t, that looks to have several good years left in it. New ones feel funny.

My flap hat felt good from the getgo, but cowboy hatz, after 15 years they are still breaking in.

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