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Pics from the plow day

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  Had a little plow day last weekend.  Fired up my 1066 and got my 710 5-16 out of the shed and had a blast.  Amazing weather and the ground worked great.  Wonderful day with friends!












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1 minute ago, Grayihcowner said:

Looks like it is about ready for some new shins. I have a 6-16 710, one of the best  plows ever made I think. When we first got it we pulled it with a 1468, then a 4 wheel drive Case, the last time it was used it had a 7140 in front of it, that was the best combination.

  As I backed it in the shed today I thought to myself, dang, this thing needs shins!

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22 minutes ago, Wes806 said:

Nice pics. How many did you have there plowing.  Always enjoy going to a plow day.

5 of us.  Me, a 1206, 4320,4020 and a d-17.

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Great pics. The weather in the Midwest has been ideal for fall Harvest &  tillage

Glad to see some other folks bottom plowing!

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