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Poofing rules...... Do's and Don'ts


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8 minutes ago, Tmtbob said:

Seems to me when any arguing starts is when they go poof. That's fine it's best to do away with it before any tempers get hot. 

Seems like it's been quite a while since we'd had much arguing, at least as far as I can remember.

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Why argue? What does it gain? Everyone has an opinion and that is fine. Let everyone have their own. We do not need to try to sway someone to our side of the opinion. There is no money involved here, so just agree to disagree. I have not noticed many topics poofed, but I really have little interest in topics that are not somehow farm or ag related. Personally I have thought in the past there have been many topics that should have been poofed! There are rules, just abide by them. Does this forum have to be like many other things where gray is acceptable? I don't think so. It is black and white. So follow the black and white and lets get on with some nice pictures and INTERNATIONAL tractor talk.



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Yep, says right in the guide lines Avoid Politics and Religion. Would be tough being a good Moderator. Everything has a gray line, where is it? A Political statement in a thread gets the thread removed or does it get replies locked or leave it alone.

Someone asks for Prayers in their behalf or for a Loved one. Is that judged Religion and thread also removed, locked or left alone. 

Seems once a go /no go standard is set, things can get complicated. Then also, not setting a go/no go standard can lead to uncontrolled, overwhelming anarchy if self control is not part of one's vocabulary.   

My son who is now 43 got to be in a High School senior class play when he was seven years old. His line was ( It just gets Complicadidder and Complicadidder) that about sums it up.   

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