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Look What Followed Me Home


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I am still really a newbie here and you guys helped me with a 1586 that I bought. But.... I found it was too big for my uses and put it up for sale while I looked for another tractor. I did quite a bit to the 1586 to bring it up to speed and while working on it found how much I was starting to like what I saw with IH. As I am normally a green guy I also had a MM U302 that I liked a lot but it was too small. So the 1586 was sold quick . I must have sold it too cheap, lol. So this is what followed me home yesterday and I am sure I probably gave more than I should have but its the right size and they took some stuff on trade that I really didnt use anymore. I read a ton on here about the 766 and black stripes after I looked at it. Runs good, shifts good. ta works. Some little things to make it like I want but ready to go as it stands.

766 2.JPG

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5 hours ago, Qc.Can.IH man said:

I have seen pictures of  that tractor on here 3 weeks ago.




I dont thk its same one.  Dealer stickers...rears diff and closer on mfd one...


Looks nice buddy.  Guys love them.  Never seen one here.

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On 11/2/2020 at 5:57 AM, Matt Kirsch said:


Does the guy you sold it to happen to collect 1586's?  Is he looking for another one?

I collect 1586's lol 




Congrats on the "new" tractor!  Looks nice, but how about some more pics???   right side up please! :)

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