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Red Power Roundup display building destroyed by fire...


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For those of you fortunate enough to see RPRU in Huron in either 2014 or just this past August, you will remember the big building we used to display IH tractors/trucks and many other things related to IH. That building sustained major fire damage last night at about 2am. From what they are reporting, the building(normally known as the Beef Complex) is considered a total loss. There was supposed to be a barrel racing championship held there today. 







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Those metal buildings are a real challenge to extinguish, we had a warehouse owned buy Vermont country store go up a couple years ag, thing was full of merchandise, all angles couldn’t get at it, and couldn’t get a hole knocked in it until an excavator showed up,  they get cherry red but without windows or wooden walls you can’t get to the fire and you can’t get close enough to open a hole with hand tools. Their new facility is the armory building in Rutland, it has sprinkler system. 

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Huge loss!  Great facility for many events including the two RPRU we had there. Great times & Great memories in that facility. 
Have to agree that it could have been worse when it was filled with equipment. 

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