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85 series Service Manual PDF

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Does anybody have access to the 85 Series Service Manual in a electronic  PDF form?  Specifically looking for the Case IH 885 (not David Brown)  that they could share a link to.  

Thanks in advance!

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1 hour ago, lightninboy said:

You want it FREE?

of late it seems they ALL want them free.


while the rest of us paid market or $$$$$ for the print form,which contains ALL the info and cant be changed with several keys

reprinting is about $.011 pg and business costs add up to $15-25 per manual,above $34/100

is simple gouging $$  with poor quality and FAKE scarcity .

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The joke at work:  How mich does a service manual cost?....  About $100.00 per inch of thickness.  ( Probably higher now).  So the 85 series Case IH manual that came with my tractor would be about $400.00.

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15 hours ago, skippydoo said:

Ask your dealer for an copy.  I got a copy on a thumb drive for my 385 for 60 bucks which I thought was a bargain.

Excellent Suggestion,  I will check at my local Case IH dealer.  Hope they have the same offer.

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