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Case 5130 will not move when Power Shift 3 and 4

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Hello, I'm new to this forum. I bought a 1991 CaseIH 5130 MFD at an action. It has a power shift transmission with 16 forward and 12 reverse. It has 9,984 hrs. 

What I have done to the tractor since taking possession 3 weeks ago-

  1. Added seafoam trans tune to the hydraulic/transmission fluid (treating it like a flush and will change after 100 hrs)
  2. Changed the 4 pressure switches on the power shift manifold
  3. Changed the 2 pressure switches on the forward/reverse shuttle value 
  4. Changed the 4 solenoid valves on the power shift manifold
  5. Changed the 2 solenoid valves for the forward/reverse on the forward/reverse shuttle value


  1. The starter won't catch on the first attempt every time. When I took possession of the tractor, it took five times to start the tractor before the starter would grab and start the tractor. After new pressure switches, it may take twice, but most of the time, it catches on the first attempt and starts the tractor.
  2. It will Kick it out of gear when I'm turning and letting out of the clutch at the same time. 
  3. I can't power shift into 3 and 4 on the go or take off in powers shift 3 and 4 with the clutch. All the range gears work in power shift gears 1 and 2. If I power shift into 3 or 4 on the go, it rolls to a stop. If I try to let the clutch out in power shift 3 or 4, it tries to go but just inches forward slowly, about 6 inches to a foot, then it kicks it out of gear. The first day I used the tractor, I stacked bales. From 9 am-1 pm, powershift 3 and 4 didn't work. From 1 pm-5 pm, I powershifted 3 and started working for the rest of the day. I haven't been able to get power shift 3 to work since, but I only use the tractor at the most an hour at a time. Power shift 4 has never worked since I got the tractor.
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I don't remember seeing this post at all. It must have been during a high traffic time and got pushed off the first page. For sure CIHTECH would have had some advice, as he is the resident "Maxxum Whisperer."

First thing is I'm pretty sure the starter issue doesn't have anything to do with the hydraulic issues. Best case scenario you've got a bad ground somewhere, worst case scenario you need a new starter.

Second thing is I kinda cringed when you said you put seafoam in the hydraulic fluid... If it didn't work before you probably did no harm, but you really don't know how those magic potions are going to react with the additives in hytran. IMHO in these tractors the only thing that should be going in the hydraulic/transmission reservoir is genuine hytran.

You're going to need to get some pressures off of various locations for troubleshooting. I only have a vague idea of what's needed, so I will leave that for someone more experienced to provide instructions.

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This 5130 issue was also posted as Dsmith135,  unless it’s another 5130 with exact same issue🙂

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I had a 5240 with the same issue but in 2nd gear, no matter what range it would come to a stop and the warning light would come on when shifting into 2nd, hooked a gauge in place of the power shift sensor on the manifold and had a major pressure drop, we were forced to split the tractor and found a hairline crack in the shaft where the oil is supplied to the clutch pack thus burning it up. If you put gauges on the power shift manifold remember they are not in 1234 order there is a pattern to them the book will show Good luck 

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