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1460 Steering and Feederhouse hydraulics


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Hey All,

I've had an issue with my 1460 combine causing my feederhouse to not want to go down unless I ease pressure onto the steering wheel. If you turn the wheel the wrong way it will cause the feederhouse to raise up. I'm guessing it's bypassing through something that it shouldn't be, but I'm not sure where it would be doing that. A priority valve or something or is it in the valve stack? Not real sure how those two functions are connected.



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Mine does the same thing , makes it kinda tricky to put the header on its been that way for years I just never worried about it it must be a check valve problem that causes it to cross over into the header lift cylinders some how maybe someday I'll look into it

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8 hours ago, SDman said:

One of the orifices in the header lift valve was relocated. It was a common problem for years. Not too long after it was fixed, they went to a different valve stack.

uncommanded feeder lift #1.PNG

uncommanded feeder lift #2.PNG

Thanks! I am going to look into doing this and seeing if that corrects the problem.


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