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I’m helping out an 86 year old friend/neighbour with a WD6 that he has pretty much ready to start up ... this man has several vintage IH tractors in running condition on his farm, and is a very interesting and handy guy...

The gas/diesel system is a bit different than what I’m familiar with,  different levers to switch back and forth and such... and a magneto rather than a distributor.. he has manuals that cover some gas/diesel systems, but not for this specific tractor..

I may have other questions, but firstly would like a picture or a parts diagram for the linkage on the back side of the carburetor... some of this is not connected and perhaps not set up quite right... it is possible someone put a different carb on it other than the original style...

This WD6 is around mid 1940’s vintage, with the strait back decompression lever and diesel throttle control...

Thx for any help you can provide ..



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It has the IH “A” style injection pump with the fuel pressure gauge right on the pump...  I believe that part of the system is all correct...

It appears to me the small shaft arm that receives the pin from the carb linkage (the linkage that shuts off the gas when you flip the lever)  has been installed backwards by a previous owner ..  and will not connect to the carb linkage unless reversed ..  

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