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On 10/25/2020 at 12:49 AM, sandhiller said:

So, does the machine above drop out cotton "round bales"? Kind of like a big round bale of hay?

maybe addressed before and think I have seen pictures but can't remember where. 

Totally foreign to me but interesting nonetheless. 



I seen this at the show in Tulare last February. 53E771A9-3420-464D-B38F-3FF22C7740FE.thumb.jpeg.de1c1f15299cf9559ca6c4a18cd09660.jpeg

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26 minutes ago, Qc.Can.IH man said:

So, does the machine above drop out cotton "round bales"? Kind of like a big round bale of hay?

l found this video on youtube that shows how the stripper carries then dumps the round module. They can dump them anywhere but usually carry them closer to the end of the field to make it easier for the module trucks to pick them up.

ln case anybody is wondering, the different colored module wraps shows what thickness the plastic wrap is. The most common is blue, yellow and pink. They started using pink several years ago to show support for breast cancer research.


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On 10/22/2020 at 2:42 AM, jworley said:

Close enough.

 I think the original intent of the picker was to go over the crop two plus times as the cotton opens from bottom to top and only picks open bolls whereas a stripper “strips” off all the bolls at once, burrs and all and are equipped with an onboard cleaner to remove the burrs and drops them back on the ground.Now, at least here, cultural practices, varieties and chemicals changed things over the years. 
 It’s only picked over once here due to the expense. When 60%+ of the bolls are open it can be sprayed with a defoliant and a boll opener so all the bolls will be open prior to harvest. Picker cotton has less trash in the lint than does stripped cotton. 
 Strippers are used in more arid areas that have shorter more compact plants with less yield and pickers are used in areas with more rainfall that have more rank growth(big, tall stalk with lots of limbs).

Strippers have been tried around here a few different times but generally speaking they don’t work for our conditions. We have too many weeds, too much rank growth and too much moisture. 
 You can’t pix it enough to maintain the compact plants required for strippers in this area.

It’s too bad we can’t because stripper heads are more economical to purchase and maintain than picker heads.

The water tank on a picker is for moistening and cleaning the spindles to keep them from getting sticky so the doffers can unwind the lint off the spindles then it’s moved by air to the accumulator or basket.


I help a friend every year harvest cotton in Central TX and a lot of the farmers are on 30" rows.  One that irrigates is on 40" beds and another has skip rows on dry land.  Pickers are predominately used on irrigated fields and strippers on dry land in this area.  The balers drop the bales off on the turns and another tractor lines them up in sets of 4 for the module trucks to haul them to the gin.  For some of the longer trips, the gin has started to use trailers and haul 8 to 10 at a time but that requires a loader left in the field.  A few guys around here have the new stripper balers and they can cover more ground than the traditional strippers which dump straight into a module builder or boll buggy.  Being 8 row instead of 6 plus not having to stop to dump saves time.  You won't realize how much until the end of the day. 

Also, dish soap is added to the water tank to keep the spindles on the picker slick and cut down on build up in the head and about half way through the day, you stop and clean the units.

One of the other benefits of the balers besides needing tractors for the module builders and boll buggies is you also need people to put in them.  Around here it seems like a struggle every year to have enough people on the ends to keep the machines running.

12 hours ago, ray54 said:

How many pickers or strippers can be sold?  Cotton has not been a booming crop. California was well over a million acres down to under 200,000 acres this year. Other states may not have the options in other crops as here, but still cannot see to many being sold a year.

That's what we wonder.  In 2017 there was a bumper crop with high prices.  Dry land was making 3 bales/acre.  Since then, there's been cotton planted in fields which have been any thing but for 30 years.  Now with prices back down, we wonder how many will continue to grow it as cotton takes more labor than corn which is what the majority plants in the spring.  It's hard to justify $500k+ for a new stripper when used ones that are in good shape are 1/5 of that.

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5 minutes ago, jason812 said:

Around here it seems like a struggle every year to have enough people on the ends to keep the machines running.

lt's the same way with gins. l belong to several different cotton gin groups on FB and almost daily for the past few weeks there have posts from gins needing employees of all kinds from truck drivers to ginners and everybody in between. One gin was offering $30.00 an hour and time and a half all over 40 plus housing for a experienced ginner. And some are saying no experience necessary, will train.

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On 10/25/2020 at 9:34 AM, SDman said:

So does Deere build all their cotton strippers & pickers at their Harvester Works in Moline? I guess that would be no different than when CaseIH built all their cotton pickers at the combine plant in East Moline before it closed. Just seems odd that all the cotton harvesting equipment is built up north. CaseIH was still building cotton pickers at the sprayer plant in Benson, Minnesota a few years ago; not sure if they are still being built there as most everybody seems to say CaseIH pretty much handed the cotton harvesting market to Deere years ago. I guess its no different than all of CaseIH's corn planters being built up in Saskatoon at the old Flexi-Coil plant the last several years.

CaseIH hasn’t completely abandoned the market yet, they’re still building 6 row basket machines. 
 Thread I started 1/19 with pics of a new one belonging to my neighbor, he’s since gotten two more along with Crustbuster module building boll buggy’s-


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