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IH 446 engine ignition timing, firing order, etc

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I have a propane 446 engine that has been giving me fits. When I got the truck (cargostar 1810) it ran a little rough, but good enough. Finally I lost all spark and I determined that the problematic ignition module was at fault. Napa told me their replacements don't work right and don't sell them anymore, so I installed a pertronix. In the process of all this the dist cap and cables were removed to install new parts. I got it running for a while, but it backfired alot and had very little power. After using some of the incorrect firing order/cylinder arrangements and now using what I believe to be correct I've successfully got nothing again. It has spark, but what seems as the wrong times. It is timed to the #1 cylinder (pass side front cyl., mark on balancer lined up with pointer - I could find no +/- btdc marks).

What I need is the correct cylinder numbering scheme (1234, 5678 or 1357, 2468) and confirm that the firing order is 12734568 (cast on the intake manifold). Also, should a propane engine be timed so the pointer and balancer line match or ? I imagine there could be some fuel regulation problems, but that doesn't cause backfires usually. Any ideas? I'm also in contact with pertronix to see if they have any advice (I'm using a coil w/built in resistor so it's within their spec resistance >1.5 ohm).

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