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Any of you RPF people farmers?


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Will be 100 years here next year, (the family, not just me) west Quebec hills & stones, haven't plowed in 25 years, grass-fed cattle & sheep, + maple syrup & firewood. Never owned IH but have driven w-4's, b-250's, 414's, 434, 474, 484, 784,& 585's at various neighbours.

The farming community is getting pretty small plus love seeing the world without leaving home, so joined this forum, can't find anywhere else so "normal" dare I say it.

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We have a Kubota M110X as our biggest tractor at 110 horsepower,

Then a Kubota M9540 with 95 horsepower

next is a Kubota M6800 with around 70 horsepower,

after that my Farmall super-W4,

then my parts tractor a Mccormick Deering W4,

next we have a John Deere 880 swather,

and last but not least we have a Massey Ferguson 550 combine. 

My dad is a Kubota fan so a lot of our equipment is being converted to Kubota.

Our equipment might seem small to most of you but around here we have one of the biggest seed rolls although it's only 15 feet. We are one of the biggest farmers in our region as we farm 500 acres.We mostly do hay for cows but we do cash crops. We are looking in to maybe grown some Flax or Quinoa next year.







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On 10/19/2020 at 6:24 PM, MTO said:

Yep, mine`s a 7 ft and I love it. 



On 10/19/2020 at 6:43 PM, redneckhippie said:

They're tough! The only time I stopped was to change shear bolts. Mine was 9 foot. Used it to fluff and turn hay too until I got a tedder.

That is somewhat funny to me.  My boss owns and still uses a 7ft MC rotary scythe.  Mostly just for the fluffing of hay.  They raise a lot of brome grass and it tends to do a better job than their Pequea rotary tedder.  Her dad actually bought it new and used it behind a 350 for years till he bought a 686 new and then it has lived behind that or their 574 since.  They also own and use an MC direct cut flail chopper.  Neat old pieces.

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I would post ,but all the farming tractors are green, the reds and grays are for collecting. ( best of both worlds ) 

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