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1928 Six Speed Special Parts

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Hey All, 

New to the forum.  I have a 1928 Six Speed Special and am looking for a few parts.  I bought this truck 7 years ago from a family that had bought it in 1937.  It was  a tow truck in the town that I grew up in and still live.  I am not going to restore it since it is in pretty decent shape.  Looking for some parts to complete it.

Parts needed:

Bearing cap/covers

window crank handles

oil dip stick


Tail/brake light


Currently replacing the exhaust since it is rotted, as well as some wiring.  Looking to convert it back to a tow truck.  I am looking for a Manley, weaver, or sasgen wrecker boom to go on the back.


Thanks for any information or help!!!




4CD026A4-CDAF-496A-827C-43200F0C8A7A (1).jpeg

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First welcome to the forum. I have a '28 6-speed as well. That is one fine looking truck. 

Bearing caps, for the wheels or engine? wheel probably e-bay. Engine Tom Underwood although I think some one may have purchased his stock. Last I talked to him he was wanting to retire. that has been a while ago.

Crank handles probable e-bay.

Oil dipstick is made of unobtainium.

Model A horn is same I believe.

Stop /tail light, you can probably get away with anything from that era if you are not worried about the correct police..

Oldihc.org is another website that is all truck, you might check over there as they have classified ads and specific forums divided by decades. They also have a face book page for pre 1930 but they also include up to 1940.

I do have reprints of the owners manual and engine manual if you need them.

Good luck


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I'll try posting a picture. Have not been too successful in the past. Wrong truck, let me try again

D-35 Trailer.png

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Serial number shows it was built in December 1928, Title says 1928 but it could be a twenty nine as I understand they titled them the year it was sold. Truck came out of Kansas. To keep Ohio DMV happy I never tried to change it. I do not have the original sale documents so it is just an educated guess. Serial # 20506.

Also need a left side running board for the green truck. '39 D-35. Only thing left to complete it.

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On 10/16/2020 at 10:42 AM, ken kardynalski said:

Don't know if your post is active or current but may be able to help on your search for a dip stick and weaver auto crane...and maybe some other info....your truck looks great in its   " as is " work outfit....had my trucks in the magazine a while back...

Hey Ken,

I will send you a message.


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