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case 580 baskhoe


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More info on your part would be helpful.  580 or 580CK, or B,C.....K,M.... Lots of years of 580 machines.  Cummins or Case engine?  If you don't know, post a picture. 

Oh, and "backhoe" doesn't have an "S" in it.

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1 hour ago, hardtail said:

Single or 3 phase?

Must be the futuristic electric model...

Actually, Case did recently introduce a battery powered electric 580 backhoe for work in areas they don't want exhaust fumes in. I don't know what they are using for electric motors.

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11 minutes ago, maurer said:

It is a 580k and has a cummins motor. shuttle, 4 speed trans. 

Ok.  So what else do you need to know? Cummins B series 4 cylinder.  All the Case 580 backhoes have a 4 speed trans with shuttle...

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1 minute ago, maurer said:

What type clutch, what controls the shullle, type of oil used in machine, etc.

It has no clutch, it is torque converter drive.

The shuttle transmission is controlled by the dash lever.

Oil in which part of the machine? 

Sounds like you need an owners manual....

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