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IH 1066 injection pump swap

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You will need an adaptor and drive get off an IH truck motor or an ag application from a 5488,late 1480,/early 1680 etc with an in-line Bosch MW pump . I am not sure if you want that old case pump because of the drive hub I’m guessing is different to the IH . I would tell you to get a Bosh MW pump and the lines from the same unit and put it on .  It would be way less work to find the entire set up off an IH 400 series motor so you have all the injection lines , supply lines , return line , there is a lot to doing it right /


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rsv375 is just the governor, really tells nothing, but I'll tell you this, putting a Case A pump on an IH is not a simple straight forward deal. As Danny said, the hub and gear from an IH will be needed, but the case turns CCW and IH turns CW so you'll have to get lines specific for running a CCW pump CW but not all Case pumps can be run backwards. Again, not enough info. But still, a lot of work for little gain just sticking a used pump on. Now a pulling specific built pump is a whole different deal. Good luck, and have fun!

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