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Over 65 flu shot

New Englander

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The HD shot wasn't available two weeks ago locally but while on a trip I found it was available in a CVS. You can't get the HD (high dosage) shot after having the regular one so I held off. The CVS was in a Target and besides being free they gave me a $5 gift certificate!

Please! If you have some sort of anti vaccine agenda don't reply to this. It's just a reminder for those of the 65+ who've been waiting that it's now available.

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I tried to get my flu shot this past Saturday morning at our local COSTCO pharmacy, along with my wife. 

I was turned away because on the questionnaire I filled out prior to getting the shot, one of the questions asked if I had taken any cortisone. I had to answer yes to that because the day before, Friday, I had been in to see an orthopedic knee specialist about my right knee which has been killing me. They  X-Rayed my knee  and told me I won’t need any surgery any time soon, but he gave me a cortisone shot in to my knee to help ease the pain. It seems to have helped. 

But back to the flu shot- the pharmacist at COSTCO told me not to get the flu shot so soon right after having the cortisone shot. He told me to wait 4 weeks before getting the flu shot. So nuts. I will have to wait. They will probably be out of shots by then. Mean while, my wife went ahead and got her flu shot while we were there so she will be all set. Oh well I’m glad COSTCO was on the ball and kept me from getting that shot if there was going to be a problem because of the cortisone shot. 

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