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Need Help identifying model and year.

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What is the number on the block by the oil filter ?  Part number of block 
also over mag ?  C113 oR C123 

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14 hours ago, John Rowehl said:

Serial no. Info on tractordata.com would confirm it was made in late 1949.  It does also suggest that a Super A would have hydraulics. Maybe it was an option.

Thanks.I might look at installing some kind of hydralic system . Most likely aftermarket, I'm switching to 12 volt.  

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Just notice is there a dust cover below the magneto? Or is it block casting? 

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Should be date code tag on engine block in behind your magneto. Two numbers and a letter. 

First number is month , second is day, letter corresponds to year.

These should be years that a straight A or Super A could have been built:

I - '39

J - '40

K - '41

L - '42

M - '43

N - '44

O - '45

P - '46

Q - '47

R - '48

S - '49

T - '50

U and W - '51 (note the letter "V" was skipped)

X - '52

Y - '53

Z - '54

There will be other tags on the tractor if you look close, (location vary's depending on model i'm pretty sure) my uncle's H has a L stamped '42 rear end but the engine is stamped R for '48, so some previous owner did a swap, so compare a few tags just in case of that. 

Hope this helps, enjoy the Farmall. 

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