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Tractor Loader Did IH make these?

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4 hours ago, farmallman77 said:

Yup. Got one on one of my hs.  I affectionately call it pig pen. Looks horrible but works amazing.  


I even have an original blade attachment for it  





Must use gravity to raise.....

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     Dad & Grandpa cleaned a lot of Dairy barns with that style of loader,  Mounted on a "H",     tractor had a M&W hand clutch,  The Hydraulic pump would stay running & Lifting the bucket of manure as the tractor moved slowly forward to the manure spreader when using the M&W hand clutch,  at 2/3rds throttle,....Pull the dump handle,....The tractor operator was shifting into reverse at the same time as dumping,  backing away from the spreader and heading into the manure pile in 3rd gear, .....repeat the motions,  I watched that process from the manure spreader tractor seat many times.

1958 the "H" had a new Heavy Duty "Universal Loader" Manufactured Co. loader,    Color,  was Lime Green, (I've only seen a few of that model)  Twice the size of the #31 Manure Bucket,   Those Hydraulic Cylinders would lift Twice as fast and twice as much lift capacity,  5 sets of weights on each rear wheel!!

1963 a 460 Diesel utility & IH loader was purchased to replace the "H".  The 460 never left the barnyard.

"H" is still on the farm, Loader is gone.

1970 a 544 gas Hydro Demonstrator utility & 2000 loader, replaced the 460 diesel, (Neighbor purchased the 460 from the dealer, still uses the tractor)

We use the 544 gas Hydro,  under the chassis exhaust,  Handy tractor.   Replaced in the barnyard by Skid steers in the Late '70's.

Jim Droscha

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