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IH 3964 with a DT429 need help

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Hello! I recently purchased an older International 1974 3964 excavator from auction.


It has a blown head gasket which I'm looking to replace. From what I can tell it's got an IH DT429. There isn't much documentation available regarding these machines, however from what I've been able to find it looks like the DT429 was in a few bulldozers and tractors (4100 / 4156). The engine presently in the 3964 appears to have been swapped because I've found some cut marks in the supporting frame and there are shims holding it in place. 

I've managed to pull a few numbers from the head and block (again searching these numbers yields very few results) which along with photo comparisons lead me to believe it's a DT429. 

I'm looking for some information regarding both the 3964 as a whole, as well as info on the DT429. Does anybody here have a service / parts manual they would be willing to share?

I'm in need of a head gasket, can anyone speak to the availability on this / where I'd potentially get one from? I've been searching and searching for weeks to no end. Some sites list them but there are no prices, leading me to believe they're unavailable. 


I have very little information on the machine, other than it came from New Brunswick Canada. I've found a lot of soot near a section of the head gasket, looks like it was run for some time the way it is. The cooling system is a mess, full of leaks and cracked hoses. The engine oil is a milkshake, I've not run it yet due to dead batteries and the coolant system being a mess. I'll hopefully have those repairs made this week and attempt to flash her up long enough to move it onto a trailer and tow it home.                       


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Serial Numbers I've found:

Model: 3964X (Supposedly from 1974)

VIN: 3290002F007-1040X

Head: 323939R3

Block: 323885R2

Coolant Pump: 343792R92














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I have a UDT429 operators manual

Also DT358 for 3964 operators manual so perhaps that was the original engine?

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13 hours ago, hardtail said:

I have a UDT429 operators manual

Also DT358 for 3964 operators manual so perhaps that was the original engine?

Thanks for the reply! 


When you say operators manual, does that include any service information for engine repair? And if so is that in digital format? 


Sourcing a gasket is proving to be a lot more difficult than I thought. Kind of has me considering another engine all together... Fingers crossed I can find something! 


I'd love to hear from anyone else who may be able to shed some light on this engine or machine! 




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Looks like I have the parts manual for the 3964 excavator, DT-429 service manual, and a DT-429 parts manual(although its Hough it should be similar). I probably have the proper engine parts manual on microfiche but would take some searching.

The pictures in the DT-429 engine manual does look like the engine you have pictured.

Machine parts manual indicates that a D-358 would have been original. A D-358 is a Neuss engine and does not look like what you have in the pictures.

As far as information on the excavator as a whole... A French company called Yumbo built hydraulic excavators, and since they were gaining popularity around the world IH wanted in. So IH bought bought Yumbo excavators having them sold with IH badging and engines. some time later IH bought controlling interest into Yumbo of 51%. The excavators were sold around the world under the Yumbo name, and in north America under the IH name. Although they can be found elsewhere with IH name. IH ones always had IH engines, while Yumbo branded ones usually had Deutz air cooled engines. The 600 series was the last evolution of the Yumbo/IH excavators 620, 630, 640, and 650.  After IH got into financial trouble the IH stake in Yumbo was sold back to Yumbo and later sold to Furukawa of Japan.

Yours is one of the earlier designs.

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