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3 hours ago, Lazy WP said:

I have spent the last 2 weeks hauling seed corn to Fremont Iowa. I HATE topping a hill only to see a pair of gravity wagons at the bottom. I understand why you use them, and they are probably safer than the old IH190s with 400 bushel. 
The other day I was following a wagon through Hedrick, and a car goes around it. The guy was trying to make a left hand turn and did have his signal on on his tractor, but nothing on the left side of the wagon. Really scary part was that they were moving a big auger in front of the wagon. Pulled by another front wheel assist JD. The car had to swerve around it to. 
Have a safe and prosperous harvest!!

  We rarely take the wagons on the road anymore.  Just use them when we are right on top of a bin sight.

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7 hours ago, billonthefarm said:

  I cant answer that.  Our wagons have always been set up for right hand dump for as long as I can remember!  

That's fine, I remember the first one Dad got. The dealer asked what side and Dad chose left just in case he ever pulled with the pickup. I know some guys have cramped locations that work better one way or another. 

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