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884 PTO


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Got a 884 in shop thats had hydraulic problems.  When it started, the hitch would go up and wouldnt come down.  We found metal in the draft control valve, found the pump was going down.  Cleaned all the valves and checked everything. A few days later, same problems.  We checked the unloading valve and flow valve under the seat, went back to working.  The last time it quit, no hitch, no steering, and pto will not come on.  We replace the complete valve under the seat and the hitch and steering works.  Pto still will not come on.  Put gauge on the remote and got 2200 # .  I found a service manual, got a gauge on the multiple control, says i need 200-220 #, but only got about 30#.  It already has 3 shims to increase the pressure according to how the manual says to raise it. New oil, new filter.  Could the seals internal be letting the pressure off before it engages the pto? Or have i overlooked something else?


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Friend bought a 684 at auction. This tractor was used on a road crew with a rotating brush on the front.  Tractor ran ok but only the steering worked, nothing else that was hydraulic. 


First thing we found was the screen was missing from the HYD filter. We flushed the system, added the screen and new filter.  We spent a week opening up the system and removing small metal dirt from all control valves, MCV and 3 point. 

 Tractor gained a lot of steering angle, PTO started to work and the 3 point started to work.  Never did get the draft control to function. 

He still has the tractor but the low auction price quickly went away. I think he is still under 10 K though.  

 Original problem was 4th gear teeth busted off. and no filter screen. 

We did replace 4th gear later and new clutch. 

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Hi, sometime ago there was someone that had a similar problem with the PTO on a 74/84/95 series and it was a broken spring in the Oil Cooler regulator valve in the MCV.
It was allowing the pressurize PTO hydraulic fluid to go directly to the oil cooler.

See diagram of MCV below.



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