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IH-8066 - XM523E2


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Pleasure to join

I am looking for info about the IH-8066 truck and trailer also known as xm523e2 and xm524e2 trailer

would someone/anyone be able to provide me with detailed images, manual and catalog copies and drawings please


i intend to build this truck and trailer as a scale model in 1/35

thank you


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Sounds like an interesting project.

I believe that trailer is a Hyster folding gooseneck trailer. Quite a few still around.

I have no knowledge about the truck, but I'm willing to bet that is an Oshkosh cab. Fairly common on trucks and equipment up into the 90s even.

Surely you could find a Hyster trailer and an Oshkosh cab somewhere to get measurements from. That would get you half way there.

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Hi Binderdan 

the truck is an international harvester model 8066 


and this particular image is of the military experimental version known as xm523e2 


the initial design is based on the Canadian payhauler 65 truck design 


I am really hoping I will find someone who knows more and can guide me and provide me with what I need in order to complete my project in satisfactory way 


cheers top man 



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        Welcome  to the forum.   You may try the Wisconsin Historical Society,   they have a large volume of records from IH that they make available to anyone looking for information about International Harvester.   I wish you luck.


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