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Kenosha riot eyewitness

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From theorganicprepper.com:

Much has been written about surviving riots and civil unrest. But there’s nothing like a firsthand account to bring it to life.

We shared an eye-witness story from a National Guard member who told us about the Seattle riots. Another writer shared her family’s experience during the Ferguson riots. We’ve seen brutal videos on YouTube and social media. The violence in our country is increasing dramatically.

Here’s a first-hand story of the Kenosha riots.

And now, a woman has shared on Facebook what her family recently experienced in the Kenosha, Wisconsin riots. In her post, the thing that stands out in my mind the most is that help was not on the way. The residents of Kenosha who stood their ground were completely on their own against the mobs rampaging through their neighborhoods. I’ve redacted some identifying information from her post – otherwise, the public post is exactly as she shared it on the social media outlet. All emphasis is mine.

The day of the worst destruction, fires, looting, assaults… all of us in Kenosha were able to watch live -via independent media. The entire start to finish. The worst of it happened on 22nd & 60th, and I live on [redacted], so to tell you I was terrified is an understatement. The majority of Kenosha was watching our two [redacted] live footage well until 3am… police scanners on… bracing for the worst. It was apparent from the beginning there was no help. No police, no fire trucks no ambulances. None. Structures burned to the ground, people hurt and attacked were loaded into cars and raced to any hospital they could get to, rioters just broke into businesses and took what they wanted.


And we all watched it happen. There was nothing we could do.

A sleepless night, we faced the next day with more fear. A massive clean up effort, we helped as many homes and buisnesses as we could, brace for the night, we started to get inundated with messages from individuals and groups … targeting violence to specific neighborhoods, schools, libraries.. with fires and destruction… lots of messages. Most specifically targeting LOCAL NEIGHBORHOODS… families!!!

Cars and buses were coming in to the city with no plates… caravans of groups. Again, no extra police or national guard.

But the rioters came to Kenosha that night again.

Our PD and any help it had was standing ground at the PD building and courthouse… and many rioters did not know… our PD was trying to keep them from burning these down, not only because it was our infrastructure but because right between those buildings were A LOT of local inmates that were currently there due to Covid closing our jail (HUBER).

Again live, we watched hundreds of rioters throwing Molotov cocktails at these buildings and burning our city garbage trucks and dump trucks to the ground that we were using to protect these buildings.

I was afraid for the small line of policemen there that night.

Everyone was urging me and Jim to take all of my animals and to leave the city… and let my house burn. To run far away from Kenosha. I love my home. Those who know me, know the pride we have taken in buying an (as-is) house and turning it into a home. And my business! Could I let it be destroyed?? Absolutely NOT!

We have dear friends with a popular business just 4 houses away… we spend at least once a week there… they packed up boarded up and closed.. terrified … it’s on the main road.

All of us were now under now a state of emergency curfew. Get home and off the streets! gas stations ordered to close and turn OFF all gas pumps..
the sirens and alerts on all of our phones coming in non- stop.

So we pulled out every firearm we owned. Loaded them up. And started to get ready… We were not leaving… Jim’s job told him to stay home and protect his family and home. Everyone in the city was getting ready for a war.

Are you starting to feel anxiety reading this?

Getting a grasp of how desperate we all were?

Knowing no law enforcement was helping? And I’m telling you… NO ONE was there.

I have a dear friend who lives in Gurnee. Has a home and a buisness there, and if she called me and Jim and told me her city was under attack, she was afraid for her LIFE and her store … I would help her. We would go to Gurnee and help her. Armed.

And that’s simply what happened. The residents started to realize this was on us. And we organized. Groups and individuals-On rooftop businesses -in the neighborhoods. I felt a little safer that night knowing we had some help.

So we watched again that night …live. Beginning to end.

At the lakefront… there was a small police presence again, where our courthouse and Pd is…. but the PD was nowhere else in the city. It was just us left to fend for ourselves, watching live feed again, Listening to the scanners … lights off, house alarm armed. Curtains drawn – guns ready as we listened to where the rioters were, which way they were headed. Despite the state of emergency curfew the city was flooded with cars driving around with no plates on, groups of people destroying our city. Not enough police to arrest or stop not ONE SINGLE PERSON.

Until the guard came to help… the entire city was left to its own defenses.

****… we ran out of plywood to board up!!!

I had the crates ready to throw the animals in and run… guns at every window and door. Constantly texting neighbors and friends around the city for updates.

When we say, if you don’t live here, you could not possibly know what was going on.. do you now understand? How afraid the whole city was?

The national guard FINALLY was called out – and did not mess around. The people who terrorized and destroyed Kenosha were not from Kenosha. Of all the arrests… most were from 44 other city’s. After our IDIOT governor finally asked, we got the help we should have had from DAY ONE. We had FBI and all the surrounding PD’s come to our aid.

If…you don’t live here… you could not possibly understand what we went thru. People should wait before they jump to conclusions. I just am disgusted beyond words at the judgement that’s happening. DISGUSTED

For those of you with children to protect, a business you put your heart and soul in… a home you struggled to own and pay for.. you have got to understand what we all went thru. The fear and the instinct to protect what you love, and what you worked so hard for is strong. I hope no one ever has to go thru anything like this. (source)

The damage in Kenosha is astounding.

Kenosha isn’t a huge city. It has a population of about 100,000 people. Until these riots, it was not considered a dangerous city. But things changed fast.

Here are some photos of the aftermath of the riots. Minus the damage from shells and sniper rifles, looks like a warzone to rival things I saw in Bosnia when I met with Selco and took one of his survival courses.

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We had two big stream riots up here, one was in '94, the second was '11 I believe, ya know why? The stinking hockey team lost some stinking prize called a Stanley cup, the cops stood by in '94, the city council put up huge screens for the game in '11 and you could see a mood start when the game went south and when the barn really started burning the cops were told to not interfere. 

I have mentioned the distaste I have for government, the blm rioting ( I won't be sucked in to calling them protests) show what idiots are running cities, states, provinces, countries, and throwing us ( taxpayers ) under the bus, why? Either to get votes or a much ballyhooed belief in a leftist liberal socialist manner of governing that allows the s**trats more rights than the people paying their wages.

No rant just an opinion.


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I have to agree with her about our governor to see him on the news mumbling through his mask just disgusts me hopefully he is a one and done.   

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Yrs ago, word went out of a armed murder suspect in our area.

PSP everywhere. Choppers and all.

PSP told us to stay indoors etc.

Asked if we could defend ourselves and they said that is your right.

I was just HOPING to see him pop out of the corn or woods.

Was exciting!

PSP Found him armed hiding under a small bridge about a mile from my home.


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1 hour ago, SASW6 said:

I have to agree with her about our governor to see him on the news mumbling through his mask just disgusts me hopefully he is a one and done.   

Did you catch his Covid "update" the other day? He's alone in his office with a mask on. You'd think someone on his team would help him put the mask on properly so he didn't look like an even bigger nimrod than he already does. The lady on the other screen doesn't even have a mask on. But I digress....

The problems in Kenosha fall squarely on his shoulders. Offered help from DC on multiple occasions and turned them away. Could have ended this problem the first night but let it go until it got out of control. He's currently using the same "do nothing" strategy in Madison. Anyone seen State Street and the Capitol square lately? Just read an article where the rioters were defacing the veterans museum and the "esteemed" mayor and governor ordered the police to stand down.

Anyone else notice the correlation between cities that are experiencing rioting and looting and a certain party affiliation of the governing body?

With the recall petitions circulating hopefully he won't even be a one term governor.

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We watched a lot of the Kenosha live feeds as it happened- our Fire Dept sent an Engine and Fire Crew, as K--Town pulled the HIGHEST mutual aid alarm level available, and still requested more help (we've never had a situation reach that level in my lifetime).   Wife is from Kenosha, lots of friends and family there.  The Wisco Governor is an Idiot, and that says a lot because I'm in IL and a bunch of our past Govs are in Prison.  Anyhow, we cleaned out a couple rooms and talked to some friends to take in K--Town refugees....one friend sent her kids north with her Parents and decided to stay with her Husband, armed, to protect their house.

The people that photographed my wedding are from Kenosha....they had snipers on the roof of their studio.

Another Friend's apartment was downtown-boarded up, but thankfully not burned down.  She stayed in a hotel in IL.

Rest of our friends & inlaws stayed put- but they were all armed.

Thankfully no one we know was hurt.

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