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1256 hydraulic pressure problems

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After using my 1256 for a few hours and the hydraulic oil is good and warm, it will not move at idle and the red hydraulic light stays on until you throttle it up to around 1400rpms, now recently it stops moving Every time I steer the wheels. Is it most likely the Mcv pump? I have not done a pressure check on it yet. The hydraulic filter was changed in the summer.

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Put a hyd pump in it , new only and make sure you prime the pump with oil when you put it on the valve so it don’t run dry on startup . If you don’t have Hy Tran in the tractor put it in there when you change the pump . 

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Your TA is still shot regardless of what you do with the hydraulic pump. The pump may get direct/hi TA back for a while but your low range is definitely bad. At best you might have the low range holdback clutches but those are not meant to pull heavy loads and will fail quickly if you try to do so.

The low range on these is mechanically driven via a one-way "sprag." The tractor will drive in low regardless of the condition of the hydraulic pump if your TA is good, so it should never stop completely if the TA is good.

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