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574 auxiliary valve's question

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I had added a power beyond manifold onto my tractor. To do this, I wound up having to take all of the auxiliary valve housings off at the same time. When I went to replace the hard lines to my rear hydraulic outlets, I realized that I had managed to reverse the (2) valve housings(the one that was next to the differential housing is now further away). Rather than mess with changing the housings, I was going to just switch the fittings between the two.

My question is, is there a difference between the (2) valves themselves? The "knob" on the handle of one valve is larger than the other, and the one with the large knob will lock into place on the up stroke as well as the down stroke. The small knob valve will only lock in the down stroke. What exactly is the reason for the lock in position? I have been around tractors most of my life, and we have never used it that way.

Thank you for your help.

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