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I had a guy awhile back that was retiring from work give me an armstrong 3/8 ratchet he told me he'd broke the gears on the inside and he knew they had a lifetime warranty but he had gotten another one and he didn't need it anymore and i could have it and try to get it fixed or replaced when the sales guy came back around. Well the sales guy we had for years quit they sent another guy out and he told me that apex quit making armstrong but he could get it replaced but it be a different brand, he told me thats what he did with the company before he became a salesman, well then he quit i threw it in the junk drawer and forgot about it because it took them awhile to get another person out to see me. I found it the other day and asked the guy i have now he said he didn't know but he would find out two weeks he calls says theres nothing i can do.Well i got on Apex site found  place to write a message about warranties and wrote them they got back with me a few days later and told me they asked me to send them a picture or describe what was going on, i wasn't around the ratchet so i just described what it was doing and gave them the model number. They sent me a email back the next day saying they didn't make armstrong anymore but if i wanted a gearwrench 90 tooth fex head with a little long handle they'd send it to me it came in a little over a week. So i know some people that have been complaining about getting warrnty work done on there gearwrench stuff because gearwrench no longer sales to tool trucks because they have their own now but thier trucks are not in this area so if you do have problems look them up on the web

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