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First tractor in new shop!

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Grand kids were here this morning and when they delivered the first load of building materials I saw this.






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Glad you got a picture of the first tractor in new shop.

I built my "new shop" in 1975-------seems like they finished up in spring during planting season.  Things get sorta hectic during planting-------I have no idea as to what the first repair job was.  Wish I did.

Enjoy the shop Tanker-----(and keep the deer fed.






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I had the floor poured and the shell of the shop erected but no overhead door installed and had a yearling calf moose wander into mine that year, hunt of 05 could have been over in seconds had not considered blasting holes through the new walls, some rope and come along over the rafters and done like dinner 

There was a cow moose that every year at hunting season would stay right tight to the yard site for safety then the next spring the calf would stick around for a few days being around another living thing, she must have finally cashed it in hasn’t happened for a decade

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