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6 cylinder gas start diesel for parts?

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My recently purchased TD9 was located at a sawmill.  At the back of the property is sitting an International gas start diesel powerplant. I assume that it once powered the sawmill. No one knows anything about it. I think they would like to see it leave the property. It is a six cylinder with a Bosch fuel pump. It appears to be complete. It is located near Tunkhannock PA. If anyone has interest, I can find out more.

IH gas start 6cyl diesel  r.jpg

IH gas start 6cyl diesel (3) r.jpg

IH gas start 6cyl diesel (4) r.jpg

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It is a UD18, looks like an earlier version with the filter arrangement, only one visible exhaust stack kind of odd?

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UD18 691 probably came out 1939, only of only gas starts that has injection pump driven by shaft and coupling 

UD16 554 came out around and I’m guessing 1958, you see a very similar looking engine in early graders and other but likely UD 525

HP wise almost the same as last 18’s, hp numbers climbed over the years, exhaust manifold differences between the 2, dull stacker as CC would say

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Hardtail:    Thanks, that was helpful.   I have/had a UD-16 in my Koehring shovel,  although the engine is sitting my shop as it got some water into a few of the cylinders and I'm not having much luck finding internal parts.   Was not sure if the 18 might be a parts unit for my 16.

The other interesting part of your information is that indicate that the UD-16 came out in 1958 ish.     My shovel was built in 1953, and just recently I purchased a Koehring parts manual.  After some reading, I learned that the Koehring 304 was offered with either CAT power or a UD-14 when manufactured new.  This seems to confirm that my shovel was re-powered at some point with the larger UD-16.

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