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I have a chance to buy a T340 with the Drott 4 in 1. $1500 might take it home. Won’t steer, but I’ve researched that pretty heavily and am hoping an adjustment will make it usable. I do have some questions. Several hydraulic leaks, but hey, it’s an old machine. Hydraulics seem strong. Engine runs decent for it’s age, I believe. 

How would you rate this undercarriage? One of the idlers has some damage, but might be usable. I have attached some pictures. It looks like the oil pan was damaged and has been brazed, but it’s dripping oil, which was clear (probably drains out over time and was new). 

Forward it drives straight with no issue. In reverse all gears, there is a rubbing sound and engine load. Is this related to brake adjustment? Main brake does nothing when pushed. 

I want this machine to clear brush and stumps. I doubt I’d put 100 hours a year on it. I’d like to get it going without a lot in parts. I know it’s possible the planetary brakes need relined.  I’m very mechanically inclined (industrial manufacturing  equipment service tech). Good deal or dangerous? If it turns into an expensive project, the wife won’t be happy!









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The idler needs to be replaced. The other rollers look bad. Best to look for used parts, the trouble with that is that the used parts may be shot too. There are T340's around, but to find a good one. Saw one on Duluth, Mn Craig's list a while ago, may still be there.


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I had 18 ,340 before some corrupt govt officials got in on selling and stealing

so for what its worth WALK....run


chain is tolerable rest is toast 

you will source 4 before getting one pieced up usable  they ALL need the same part (SS)!

if it was closer would pay scrap and put 10% on the shelves for later

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mmi is one of the experts for these, they always seem to have parts issues in the same area which can make finding new used parts challenging, this one has a lot of other issues also, I would pass

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