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I have found a T340 with a Drott 4 in 1. Looking to get it for $1500. It does have a few issues I wanted to get opinions on. I'm interested in this machine to help clear some ground were building on, pushing out stumps and such. I doubt I'd put 100 hours a year on it. 

It does not turn. I have done a lot of research on the turning issue with the planetary brakes, I hope adjustment will take care of it. However, the main brake doesn't seem to work. If I push it while driving, the engine doesn't load at all. Does this use the same brakes that are outboard of the planetary, and will improper adjustment cause this? It also has a squalling sound and engine load in reverse.

I have attached pictures of the machine, including the undercarriage. How do you rate this undercarriage? I know one of the idlers appears to be damaged, but seems to work okay. 

It appears someone drove up on a stump or something and cracked the oil pan and brazed it. I does leak, and the machine had crystal clear oil in it when I looked at it, probably meaning it all leaks out. Engine seems to run okay for a 60 year old machine. There was some smoking early on and oil from the crankcase vent, but the oil was overfilled. It has hydraulic leaks, but I'm really not scared of that and like it said, it's an old machine. 

I work on industrial manufacturing equipment professionally, have worked on farm equipment all my life, and am not afraid to work on it. I just don't want to buy it and get into expensive problems to make it work.  If i bring home another expensive project, the old lady will not be happy!


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Undercarriage look well shot to me....the riveted pads tell me it could be original. Also. Parts, especially for the u.c. are impossible to find. I used mine quite a bit when I had it. But never worked it hard. I do know it struggled with stumps bigger than 10 inches  or so. I also have very rocky ground here. But for making trails through brush and grading off the yard it did work well. Wish I never sold it. The  brakes are located behind the finals. So they have to come off. Theres lots of ways to adjust everything.  I'd buy a manual if you do grab it. I'd also offer him scrap price for it. I paid 1500 for mine when I bought it...it was rough but very usable as it sat.  Put another couple grand in parts and at least a hundred hours into it making it look nice.

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I would recommend keeping the cook happy and pass on it.  I see a money pit with no parts availability.  Just my opinion, but I also like clean clothes, clean house and like to eat too.  Also I think it is too small for what you intend to use it for.

Welcome to the forum,           Dennis

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