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Red Diamond not quite right

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At the museum we have a Red Diamond in one of our pieces of equipment. Its not the original engine but a re-power performed

decades ago when the chassis got separated from its original engine.

A year ago we performed a tune-up - new plugs, cap, points, condenser, wires, coil etc. and it was purring like a kitten.

This winter it started miss behaving - dropping a cylinder or two. When we pulled the plugs they are fouled. We ran a compression

test and all is spot on. We again gave it a  tune-up. It ran great for a less than an hour and fouled up again.

Last time we ran it it was popping and missing. I am thinking too lean? Its also always the same plugs fouling 4, 5 & 6

Its running a Holley 2140-G carb. It seems like a carb issue ? Am I barking up the wrong tree??





Here is the beast its in. The original engine was a massive six cylinder Wisconsin D4 (1,013 cid) If you know where we can find one of those ...............😁




When they re-powered it back in the 1970's they installed a  auxiliary transmission in front of the original unit which is a massive 3 speed made by Cotta.

We run the auxiliary locked in 2nd. Note the funky exhaust pipe. It was installed that way so the original exhaust cut-out in the hood could be used. That Red Diamond

is a little lost in there but it moves it along just fine.



And the original engine.







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Just a thought but you may want to install hotter spark plugs to help with the fouling especially if it’s lightly used and not run under a decent load. 


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 I viewed one of those in person at Churchill Dam, on the Allagash River in Maine, maybe 45 years ago.

 I believe that one was fitted with skis, rather than wheels in front.

 The engine was the original, a huge beast.

 The tractor may still be there, Google earth shows a pavillion structure at the site, maybe it is under cover.

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champion plugs..... go 2 hotter and swap to another brand ,then use only fresh non ethanol  or av fuel if you can get it

engine was designed to run on real gas not water goo

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