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     What an amazing project. A grand total of 750hrs to make this O-4 look absolutely amazing.   I am very happy with the end result on this one. I am really hoping all this nonsense ends soon so I can get this thing to a show.  I won second place in our local competition and now I am entered in the Delo national competition.  With that being said I need everyone's help. Please go to https://delotrcvoting.com/Voting/Details?entryId=147 and vote for Josh Jorgensen. You can vote 3 times every 24 hours. Please tell family and friends, register multiple emails, etc. I would really appreciate the votes.

Thanks in advance. Josh 



IMG_0354 (1).JPG


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On 9/12/2020 at 5:16 PM, hillman said:

very very nice Josh its professional grade

 I just bought a complete set of sheet metal for an O4 today. already got an O4 but couldn't resist, They are a work of art

Thank you very much. It is Definitely a work of art. If you need any parts for an O4 I might be able to help you. I still have another O4 without the sheet metal in peices. 

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